Instructional Systems Design & Development

Valourís training experts are highly experienced within all phases of the Instructional Systems Design & Development (ISD) processes.   Each ISD process is an adaptation of the systems engineering process and utilizes a systematic approach to develop instructional materials by integrating the processes of analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation.   As part of the ISD process, alternative solutions to instructional problems are considered for the purpose of arriving at cost effective solutions.  Your organization can leverage off of Valourís expertise to ensure that your training program is operating in the most efficient and cost effective manner.   A Valour training analysis can be the building block of your new training program or can be utilized to update an existing training program.


Training Systems Front End Analysis  

We believe that a training systems front end analysis (FEA) is the cornerstone of any new training program.   A Valour FEA provides you with answers regarding whom and what must be trained.   Additional information provides the timing and location of where the training should occur, as well as a recommended training media.  A Valour FEA may be customized to include a Needs Assessment, Mission Analysis, Job Analysis, Task Analysis, Collective and/or Individual Task Analysis, and Learner Analysis.   Our training experts can provide the level of information that your organization needs to ensure the training relates to the organizationís vision and mission.


Training Systems Analysis  

While a Valour FEA comes at the start of a program, a Valour training systems analysis (TSA) can be provided at any stage.   Since we view training as a process, our training experts will perform an in-depth analysis of training requirements, scheduling, and resource plans.   Our analysis can include a Needs Assessment, Mission Analysis, Job Analysis, Task Analysis, Collective and/or Individual Task Analysis, and Learner Analysis, as required to meet your organizationís needs.   Ultimately, a Valour TSA will identify deficiencies and recommend corrective actions.   Our goal is to ensure that your training resources are being utilized as effectively and efficiently as possible.   A Valour TSA is also a possibility for programs ending their lifecycles.   To improve on future programs, it is important to understand past performance.   Valour can assist in developing lessons learned or a trend analysis that prevents future training area drawbacks.


Curriculum Development  

Based upon the analysis and design phases of the ISD process, Valour can develop instructional materials for your organization.   Our training experts develop training materials in accordance with established learning objectives, conditions, and standards from the analysis that are linked to the appropriate reference material.   Coordination with Subject Matter Experts throughout the ISD process ensures technical accuracy is integrated into all training materials.   Training materials that can be developed for your organization based upon your requirements can include a Program of Instruction (POI), Course Training Task List (CTTL), Training Project Plan (TPP), Training Course Control Document (TCCD), Lesson Strategy Reports (LSR), and Lesson Plan/Trainee Guides.   The training materials are developed in accordance with Data Item Descriptions (DIDs) tailored to your organizationís needs.
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