Aviation Maintenance Management & Services

Your aircraft are vital to your organization.  Whether you are a commercial, government or private entity, Valour can help ensure maximum aircraft readiness, availability, and safety.   We understand that proper maintenance and maintenance planning is essential to maintaining aircraft safety and operational performance.  Our employees have decades of experience in all facets of aviation maintenance and maintenance management.  These areas include:

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
Valour employees are experts in managing all facets of aircraft scheduled and unscheduled maintenance planning while ensuring maximum aircraft safety and availability.   Our employees are well versed in maintaining productive liaison with various internal and external departments and agencies to include aircraft manufacturers, contractors, depot engineers, rework/repair facility personnel, aircraft component suppliers, inventory warehouse personnel, and shippers in order to ensure quick and accurate resolution to all matters pertaining to aircraft safety, repair and/or replacement components.  Our employees are experienced in configuration control processes to include the incorporation, documentation, and tracking of airframe, dynamic component, avionics, and aircrew system changes and bulletins.
Maintenance Analysis
Valour employees have developed metrics utilized to annotate and analyze each maintenance task performed in order to identify possible inefficiencies and make recommendations towards improvements in the utilization of manpower, support and test equipment, tools, and technical publications.
Professional Maintenance Services
Valour employees have direct experience in providing critical aircraft maintenance support to high visibility organizations with high operational tempos.   Valour currently provides maintenance support for the Marine Helicopter Squadron One (HMX-1) maintenance department.   This support includes aircraft phased maintenance requirements as well as aircraft maintenance management support.   Our employees are highly qualified and experienced technicians with expert knowledge of aviation maintenance practices, the use of support and test equipment as well as aircraft launch and recovery, aircraft fueling, aircraft taxiing and towing, etc.
Aviation Supply Support
Valourís employees perform onsite inventory, accounting, and management of allotted aircraft replacement components. Our employees perform material and property control to include the requisition and provisioning of materials, receipt, inspection, delivery, packing, shipping, turn-in and/or disposal of materials. Our employees also perform technical evaluations of method-ologies currently utilized for the assessment of inventory requirements and provide recommendations as applicable towards improved techniques which would more accurately identify supply inventory deficiencies and increase inventory efficiency.

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