Risk Analysis / Mitigation

If your definition of risk is fear of the unknown, then Valour is the company to contact.  We can review the organizational processes and procedures that concern you.  Then, our professionals will assess the probabilities of risk occurrence and their impact on your organization.  Finally, we will work with you to create risk mitigation strategies that help you drive your success.

Risk Planning
Have you included risk as part of your project or program plan?  Valour can help you create a comprehensive strategy that identifies risk areas and management strategies.  We are also available to update your strategy as your project/program matures. 

Risk Assessments
Valourís risk assessments consist of two phases; risk identification and risk analysis.  As part of our risk identification services, we work with you to screen your program/project areas and processes.  Once we have completed the review and identified the risks, we perform an analysis on what was discovered.  This process allows our experts to rate and prioritize the risks according to severity, probability and impact.  Our findings provide a focused and cost effective approach to reducing program risks.

Risk Handling
A risk handling strategy helps your program stay on track, on time, and within your budget.  If you have already performed a risk assessment, the next step is to create a strategy to control those risks.  Valour creates risk assignments and risk mitigation options enabling you to have action plans available.  This enables your employees to know what to do and when to do it as part of your risk handling strategy.

Risk Monitoring
You, like us, understand that plans must be reevaluated to ensure optimal performance.  Valour can track and analyze risk events against established plans.  We identify what happened and analyze why it occurred.  Our goal is to improve your risk management plans and techniques while saving you valuable resources.

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