Tactical Planning

Where a strategic plan defines long term goals, tactical planning is concerned with short term objectives.  These can be monthly, quarterly or annual objectives.  Valour strives to maximize your return on investment by creating a sound foundation upon which your organization can build.

Tactical Plan Development
Valour can perform an analysis on your strategic goals and plans in order to break them down into requirements.  From there, the requirements are organized into functional processes and areas.  Finally, our experts help create tactically focused metrics that support your organizationís vision.  Our expertise will enable your organization to have a focused approach towards daily operations. 
Human Resource Analysis and Planning
Do you have a comprehensive plan that outlines employee roles, responsibilities and structure for your organization?  Valour can build a plan that provides you with the most efficient and effective organizational structure based on your human resources.   If you already have a human resource plan, let Valour perform an analysis that ensures you and your employees understand roles, responsibilities and reporting relationships.

Logistic Support Element Analysis
Whether you are looking for analysis of training requirements, configuration management or maintenance plans, Valour provides our expert knowledge and first-hand experience for you.  Our team has direct experience in all of the logistic support elements and can help you identify support problems before they occur.  From the packaging, handling, storage and transportation of parts to technical data and facilities management, Valour is the company that can be your trusted friend in logistics support.

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