Strategic Planning

Every organization must have a vision.  What is yours?  Have you planned for it?  Do you know where you want to be three, five or ten years in the future?  Valour can help your organization define itsí vision.  Together, we will define your strategic goals and build a plan towards solidifying your companyís future.  Valourís process oriented approach is designed to help clientsí through four specific phases.

Objective Recognition
Can you envision your desired future?  Valour assists you in defining your organizational expectations.  We work with senior leadership to combine different views into a focused definition of a desired result.  This important baseline provides a focal point to your organization and provides a roadmap for your success.  Together, you and Valour will establish focused, meaningful and achievable objectives.

Goal Development
As with any organization, there are different departments with different missions.  We assist in defining goals for each department based on organizational objectives.  Additionally, our professionals work with departments on refining duties and responsibilities in order to ensure that they work together seamlessly.  This synergistic approach ensures that everyone is working together towards a common focus.

Situational Analysis
Are you looking out the window or at the rear view mirror?  Valour provides you with an unbiased baseline of your organizationís strengths and weaknesses as compared to your competition.  We also perform an external analysis to identify factors that may be outside of your control.  When combined, these analyses help you understand your current situation and take control of your future.

Strategic Options
What good is a company that just looks at your watch to tell you the time?  Valour is different.  We will not only provide you with an accurate assessment of your current situation but also provide you with options for strategic improvements.  These options provide you with the choices you need to ensure your success.  Our assessments give you flexibility on improving organizational performance to meet strategic goals.

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