Strategic Analysis

Organizational plans must be designed to provide a desired outcome.  Having plans, however, doesnít necessarily guarantee success.  Organizations must understand the interrelationships between the plans and the impacts of environmental factors on the plans.  Do you know your organization and itsí environmental factors? Both can change in a moment.  Valour can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your organization, the competition and other factors that can impact your success.  Our analysts will ensure that you know your current situation so that you can make a more informed decision.

Organizational Analysis
How do you see your organization?  Valour can provide you with an unbiased baseline of your organizationís strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).  Using statistical analysis, we identify areas and processes that create negative impacts on your organizations.  Through face-to-face interviews and surveys, we identify areas and processes that have negative or positive impacts on your employees.  Combined, this organizational analysis will help you grasp your current situation and take control of your future.

Sector Analysis
If you would like to see how your organization breaks out against the competition, Valour can help.  By performing a sector analysis, our experts give you important information on your organizationís performance as compared to your competition.  This can be vital when trying to perform strategic or tactical organizational planning.  Our analysis can be a generic overview or customized based on your requirements.

Situational Analysis
You, like us, know that sometimes understanding your organization and your competition is not enough.  Environmental factors such as legislation and government or consumer spending trends can impact an entire industry.  Valour can provide analysis and insight into the factors that concern you as well as your competition.  By utilizing our situational analysis service, you can be better prepared for the obstacles in your path.

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