Conference Management / Support

An organization’s change is based on environmental factors just as much as organizational choices.  We believe the organization that maximizes their performance will succeed.  Valour can assist your company in maximizing efficiencies while reducing waste.  Our team will work with you to help strengthen your organization and its’ effectiveness.  If you are looking at significant organizational changes, don’t worry.  We can help you with that, too.  Specifically, Valour can assist with:
Conference Management / Support
Do you think of a conference as a necessity or a nuisance?  Valour views any transfer of information as important.  That is why one of our specialties is helping you and your stakeholders communicate effectively.  While our clients focus on the issues, we help them by taking care of the details, including:
     • Providing Subject Matter Experts (SME) as needed
     • Pre-conference planning with your staff
     • Coordinating and scheduling conference activities
     • Providing a single point of contact for conference invitees and presenters
     • Coordinating lodging and room requirements
     • Dissemination of all information prior to the conference
     • Providing electronic audio visual media and support
     • Tracking of documentation and attendance
     • Compiling conference materials and document for distribution
     • Providing attendees with presentations, handouts, minutes and roster
     • Providing storage of and access to all conference documents via a website
Valour has experience in completing all preparatory and conference requirements and is poised to provide your organization with exceptional assistance for your conference needs.

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