Program / Facilities Management

The Valour team has significant experience in managing programs and facilities.  Our employees have overseen multi-million dollar programs as well as buildings and facilities.  We understand the importance of your programs and facilities; each is a reflection of your company and its’ people.  Our satisfaction is always based on your success.   Specifically, Valour can assist with:

Program Management
Where is your program?  Is it in the conceptual and developmental phase or has it already been fielded?  Is your program running smoothly or running to catch up with stakeholder requirements?  No matter where you are, Valour can help.  Valour’s experts are experienced in all phases of program management.  If you are trying to define your program and its’ requirements, we can assist with analysis of key performance needs and operational necessities.  If your program is up and running, Valour can assist with contracted support in all areas of program management.  Whether you need help in configuration management, operations or training, Valour knows that your success is our success.

Facilities Management
Inadequate or unsuitable facilities affect your bottom line.  They can disrupt operations and affect employee safety.  Whether you are looking for a company to manage your facility requirements or to assist with improvements, Valour can help.  We strive towards improving productivity, reducing costs and eliminating injuries.  We review locations, functions, spaces, utility requirements, environmental impacts as well as equipment requirements.  Our effort will identify problematic areas and provide focus on meaningful, timely improvements.  You can rely on our expertise.  Valour can also help with your “green” initiatives.  Reducing your energy consumption can help your bottom line.

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