Logistic Analyses
Valour understands that logistics involves all phases of product supportability and maintainability.  We can assist your organization in providing responsive and cost-effective support to any of the logistics areas.  Whether it is maintenance planning, training, supply or facilities, you can count on Valour.  A few specific examples of Valour’s capabilities include:

Life Cycle Cost Analysis
If your goal is to minimize life cycle costs across a system’s useful life, Valour can help.  We can assist with research, development, and procurement, as well as operations and support matters.  Valour can even help with the disposal phase.  Our professionals can help you keep life cycle costs to a minimum while maximizing system performance.
Support Strategy Analysis
Is your program falling short of performance goals?  Valour can help you identify shortfalls in your logistics support strategy that prevent you from meeting or exceeding your goals.  We will review your key information (maintenance plans, operational plans, training plans, etc.) and compare them against your system performance.  Ultimately, our analysis will help you improve your program by improving its’ strategy on logistics support.
Supply Support
Valour can assist with your supply support efforts.  We provide expertise with planning and contracting strategy development as well as determining sparing requirements.  Together, we can ensure that your supply support adequately sustains optimal system performance while maintaining a cost-effective structure.
Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation Support
Improper packaging, handling, storage and transportation of equipment increase costs.  Those costs include unplanned repair costs as well as increased “down time” for equipment.  Valour  provides expertise with planning for packaging and handling as well as contracted support for warehousing and facilities.  Together, we can keep your costs low while ensuring the right part is delivered at the right time to the right place.

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