Operational Analyses

Valour, like you, knows that a company is made up of many pieces.  Each piece has to fit properly to ensure that the big picture is clear and unambiguous.  Our team can provide an expert analysis of how your pieces work, or don’t work, together.  Whether you are concerned with your production, quality standards or equipment, Valour can help improve your current operations and keep your stakeholders satisfied.  Specific examples include:

Operational Performance
Are your processes and procedures supporting your operational performance?  Valour can perform an analysis between your internal processes versus performance goals.  We identify organizational “drivers” that have a negative effect on maximizing your potential.  Valour then provides you with options for consideration.  The results will help you maximize efficiencies, improve productivity and reduce operating costs.

Quality Standards
Why do you have quality standards?  Do you use them as benchmark to build upon or do you need them as a validation of effort?  Valour can analyze your quality standards as compared to materials, manpower and management.  We work with your stakeholders to provide recommendations that improve your product or service and reduce rework.   Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that your product provides the best reflection of your organization.

Equipment Performance
How is your equipment performing against your cost goals?  Valour can perform a baseline analysis between your equipments’ operating and maintenance costs versus the performance.  We identify operational or support problems that affect performance and impact your ownership costs.  We will also look for synergistic ways to maximize equipment efficiencies while still meeting organizational goals.  Ultimately, our goal is to have your equipment working for you and not against you.

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