Contract Services Support

Valour can assist your organization by providing knowledgeable and professional personnel dedicated to your success.  Our professionals bring their expertise and experience to you in a team-oriented approach.  They ensure that you have the Valour edge supporting you around the clock.

Short Term Support
Valour enables you to quickly satisfy the needs of a single project or program on a short-term basis.  Our short term contract services support (CSS) provides you with the flexibility of finding subject matter experts (SMEs) as requirements emerge.  Valour professionals have the experience and expertise required to ensure that your programs and projects stay on track.  Our value-added support provides you with immediate solutions to meet emerging operational requirements.

Long Term Support
Our long term CSS is focused on providing expertise from start to finish.  Are you looking for expertise but prefer it was provided through a second party?  Maybe you prefer to turn over your configuration management oversight to a trusted source enabling you to focus on other core efforts.  In any case, Valour can help you meet your long term CSS needs through our experience and proficiencies.  Our experts have proven backgrounds in all phases of program management and performance.  Additionally, Valour personnel can enhance organizational performance through their experience in and knowledge of process improvement.

CSS Capabilities
You, like us, know there are many areas and phases in programs or projects.  Having the right level of program knowledge or experience is critical to success.  Therefore, Valour actively recruits the best and brightest people to ensure that we have required expertise on hand.  Our professionals solidify the CSS capabilities of Valour and our customers.  Listed below are some of those CSS capabilities.
      Configuration Management and Solutions
      Strategic Analysis
      Training Analysis
      Manpower Analysis
      Transition Management
      Conference Management and Support

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