Systems Engineering

Your systems include people and equipment.  Do you know how they are interacting with each other?  Valour can provide a systems engineering approach to evaluate how your employees and their equipment work together.  Our goal is to improve performance while reducing errors and risks.

Requirements Analysis
Do you know what you want and why you want it?  Valour can help you outline, define and refine the functional and performance requirements within your system.  We begin by understanding the requirement itself.  We then work closely with your organization to define capabilities and performance parameters for equipment and personnel.  Then, as requirements or configurations change, we assist you in refining the original analysis to provide an accurate representation of the final system design and human interface.

Functional Analysis
Valour’s experts provide their expertise by helping you define system and subsystem functions.  If you have a notional system, we can help by analyzing and developing the system functions and details.  These are critical for proper system evolution, planned logistic support and human interaction.  If you have a fielded system, we can provide an analysis of your logistical support plans and human interfaces for the identified systems, assemblies and components.

Synthesis Analysis and Support
The synthesis phase of systems engineering integrates all designs and system elements into a final system design and configuration.  Valour can support your synthesis phase by reviewing system architecture, system integration, human performance parameters and other areas in a “top down” and “bottom up” analysis.  Our analysts will help you identify potential risks between operational or logistical requirements against planned designs.  Additionally, we can provide contractor support services to assist in comparing configuration and systems changes against all functional requirements.

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