Training Analyses
How often have you wondered whether your training program was effective?   Our training experts have been involved with training conception, development and instruction.  Your organization can leverage off of Valourís expertise to ensure that your training program is operating in the most cost effective manner.   A Valour training analysis can be the building block of your new, improved training program.
Human Resource Analysis and Planning
Valour can perform an analysis of your human resources and plans.  Our goal is to ensure that you and your employees understand roles, responsibilities and reporting relationships.  This fundamental process will help identify employee and organizational training requirements and opportunities.   If you do not have any human resource plans, Valour can help you develop a comprehensive plan that outlines roles, responsibilities and structure for your company.  Together, we can build a plan that provides you with the most efficient and effective organizational structure based on your human resources.   


Training Systems Front End Analysis
We believe that a training systems front end analysis (FEA) is the cornerstone of any new training program.   A Valour FEA can provide you with whom and what must be trained.   We will also recommend when and where the training should occur, as well as a recommended format.   A Valour FEA may be customized to include a Mission Analysis, Job Analysis, Task Analysis, Collective and/or Individual Task Analysis, Learner Analysis, and Needs Assessment.   Our professionals can provide the level of information that your organization needs to ensure the training provided ties in with the organizationís vision and mission.
Training Systems Analysis
While a Valour FEA comes at the start of a program, a Valour training systems analysis (TSA) can be provided at any stage.   Since we view training as a process, our experts will perform an in-depth analysis of your training requirements, scheduling and resource plans.  Our analysis can include Mission Analysis, Job Analysis, Task Analysis, Collective and/or Individual Task Analysis, Learner Analysis, and Needs Assessment, as requested.   Ultimately, a Valour TSA will identify deficiencies and recommend corrective actions.  Our goal is to ensure that your training resources are being utilized as effectively and efficiently as possible.  A Valour TSA is also a possibility for programs ending their life cycles.   Why conduct a TSA on program nearing itsí end?  If you want to improve on future programs, it is important to understand past performance.  Valour can assist you in developing lessons learned or a trend analysis that prevents future training area drawbacks.

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