Configuration Management (CM) Consulting & Solutions
Effective configuration management ensures immediate and responsive communication with stakeholders regarding changes or potential changes to products or equipment. Valourís experts ensure you know and understand the composition of your products and equipment at any moment of its lifecycle.
Configuration Management is the discipline which ensures a product or equipment remains aligned and adequately supported in regards to its intended function and requirement throughout its life cycle.  CM maintains identification, tracking, and control of hardware, software, and documentation required in maintaining current configuration as well as the implementation of changes in configuration.  CMís goal is to ensure that only authorized components are utilized that all changes are recorded and tracked throughout a componentís life cycle.

The advantage of an effective Configuration Management program is the assurance that an entire inventory of systems is continually monitored to ensure changes made to a system do not adversely affect compatibility with another system.
Consulting Solutions
Valourís leading edge CM Consulting Solutions provide our customers with a proven approach to planning, developing, conducting and maintaining an effective CM program tailored to the customerís needs.    
Data Management Solutions
Valourís leading edge CM Data Management Solutions provide your program with the means to assess, identify, and employ sound, automated CM Data Management solution sets and practices.
Through Development, Operations/Sustainment, and never-ending Verification procedures, we manage the entire CM process!
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